Contracts & Commercial Transactions

Our transactional attorneys advise clients from varying industries on a wide range of both domestic and international commercial arrangements and transactions. The Firm regularly assist clients ranging from start-up entities to large corporations in negotiating and preparing agreements relating to the manufacture, procurement, and distribution of goods, and representing clients engaged in all aspects of the business cycle including manufacturers, suppliers, resellers, distributors, agents, financing entities, and end users. The commercial agreements we often prepare include manufacturing, supply, distribution and reseller agreements; franchising and licensing agreements; strategic alliances and joint venture agreements; sales commission and referral agreements; employment agreements, non-compete, confidentiality and non-circumvention agreements; independent contractor and consulting agreements; and other commercial agreements involving both domestic and international transactions. Our transactional lawyers further advise business clients on a wide variety of commercial law matters including product warranties and terms of sale contracts under Article 2 of the UCC, as well as alternatives to secure payment, including standby and commercial letters of credit. Our lawyers also have specialized expertise in the areas of e-commerce, Internet-based transactions and electronic payments systems.